I need proxies. What provider would you suggest?


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I want to use a Python script to scrape data from Craegslist, and to change the IP between
each individual data scrape. That is, change the IP maybe every three to four seconds.
Additionally, I'll change the Fingerprint of my PC at the same time. The plan is to get ten
Static proxies and assign one proxy to each of the ten Fingerprint identities, then the python
script will rotate thru them. Thus, any single proxy would be re-used every 30 to 40 seconds.
I Hope it will not be seen as a bot, and therefore not be blocked.
I would like USA only proxies, preferably geo-located to the City (or at least the State) level.
HTTP proxies, and Not DataCenter proxies, so that they won't be seen as "proxies".
And non-sequential random IP numbers, not just different Port numbers.
Shared would probably be OK. Hopefully inexpensive, because I expect little daily usage.
I certainly do Not need any "unlimited bandwidth" scenario.
What suggestions might you have? At what cost?